Upstairs Flat Reveal!

We are in a happy place right now. So, so happy. My blog silence over the last couple weeks has only been because we’ve been frantically pulling together the last details of our upstairs apartment so it would be ready for rental. You can read about our magnificent finish of the upstairs bathroom here. The finishing touches are always small but they take a lot of time and effort! Painting, installing a few last carpentry details, window treatments, and lots of other annoying little details!! But finally, the upstairs flat is complete! Let’s get right down to the pictures, shall we.

I know what you like.


Here we go.

Remember the upstairs bedroom? It was robin’s egg blue with a tiny closet?

bed 4

bed 3

Here’s what it looks like now:

bed 01

bed 02

The room is currently a lovely warm grey, with updated white trim, and, oh, is that a GIANT DOUBLE CLOSET?!?!?!?!

You bet it is.

Sexy time.

Nick made the giant closet out of two small closets, and then used three reclaimed original doors on a sliding rail to create a new door system! It was really important to us to make sure to keep as many original details as possible in the apartment. We could have purchased new closet doors, but it was worth the extra work to make the closet fit with the rest of the house.

The front room upstairs used to look like, well, a nightmare.

bed 2

bed 1

Thankfully, it is now much more beautiful!

living 01

living 02

It’s painted a lovely light grey (Farrow & Ball’s Cornforth White), and the closet has been removed (of course to make way for the giant double closet in the bedroom!). The room feels really open and bright now, and the white curtains keep the space feeling much softer than those terrible thatched shades.

The little den upstairs was pretty cute beforehand. But it was kind of plain:

den 1

Now it is a much more vibrant colour (Farrow & Ball’s Picture Gallery Red), and will be a perfect little den or office!


You can see the bottom of the new lighting fixture we put in there. It’s a lovely dome shape with a panel at the bottom to diffuse the light. This is a really great feature for an overhead fixture because the light is a bit softer and doesn’t cast a harsh glow around the room. We ended up using the same fixture in the den, bedroom, living room, and bathroom. At only $50 each from Kent, it was a total steal!!

The room that is now the upstairs kitchen was once a very scary mess of yellow and purple walls with a green exposed subfloor, a leaky radiator, and an awkwardly built cabinet:

bed 5

bed 6

Needless to say, this room looks entirely different.

kitchen 02

kitchen 01

This kitchen is bright, warm, and lovely to cook in. I can vouch for this, having done so for a couple of months mid-reno. The sweet black hanging pendant light will fit beautifully over a kitchen table. I think what makes this kitchen work is the multiple sources of lighting – the pendant, overheads, range hood, and under-cabinet. You can isolate three of these light sources via the switches beside the door (except the range hood), which means you can create several different atmospheres. I love this, because as you may know by now, we are totally and utterly obsessed with lighting. It makes or breaks a room, and I’m happy that this room feels so cozy because of it!

So there you have it. Can you say makeover???

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