The Wall

I’ve been away for the last week in British Columbia, leaving Nick to work on the house in my absence. I felt kind of guilty that I was leaving while he stayed at home to work by himself, but them’s the breaks. I was, however, massively excited to come home and see what he had been up to while I was gone. In a sort of cruel twist he decided not to send me photos of the house for the last couple of days that I was away, thus maximizing the surprise factor upon my return.

It was effective.

So when I left, here’s what the entryway to our house looked like (approximately):


And here’s what it looks like now:


That’s right y’all, it’s a partition wall!!!! The front door of our house has now become the proper entrance to the upstairs flat. Nick also painted it this lovely warm grey and I think it looks really inviting.


I love that we managed to keep the original staircase. It’s a beautiful feature and Nick had to work around it carefully to make sure it could be preserved.


I like how open the space feels as you go up the stairs, and this lovely shelf that’s been created will be perfect for plants/shoes/art/whatever. So cozy!

On our side of things, we now have the back wall of our bedroom closet. And it is HUGE. Oh baby. Oh baby.



Yup, that’s right. We’re planning to build a pretty fabulous storage system involving both a closet rod and drawers, but that is a project for once the upstairs is finished. I’m feeling really excited for how much storage we’ve created in the downstairs apartment as a result of this partition wall. We could have made it into a hallway and maintained a front entrance for the downstairs flat, but I think this is a far better use of space. The washer and dryer will be tucked into where that ladder is currently.

So, since the only entrance to our downstairs apartment is the back door, we have to walk all the way around the house whenever we want to go between the two flats. Granted, this will lend a nice sense of privacy once we actually have tenants living upstairs, but right now it’s just annoying, especially when Nick forgets a tool in one apartment and has to walk all the way around the house in the rain to get it.

Ahhh, reno life. I missed you.

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