The Sanctuary begins!

In the spirit of building our portfolio we have agreed to help friends of ours turn their fun and interesting condo into the amazing, warm, bright, peaceful sanctuary that they want it to be.  The condo itself is within a condo conversion within an old church on Brunswick Street.

After seeing the work that we did at the Nest, they were eager for us to come in and give our input.  That then turned into a fair bit of brain storming for us, and a snappy little presentation, and a budget approval.  This being a job that’s more on a budget than in a hurry, it was decided that we should tackle one room at a time.  And that first room would be the office, which looks like this to begin with:

The office - BEFORE

The office – BEFORE

This is a panorama of the room, so you must forgive the associated distortions.  But it does give you a sense of the room.

The Office – BEFORE – View from office to living room

So what we wanted to start with is – as every good office should have – built in bookcases.

The office plan.  Built in bookcase and plenty of plants.

The office plan. Built in bookcase and plenty of plants.

And thats what they should look like!  Though perhaps the final product will look a little more photo realistic.  :)

And this week we had a chance to get started on the actual work.

Nothing happens without a plan!

Nothing happens without a plan!

First things first.  You gotta crunch some numbers.


Then you gotta move the light fixture out of the way of the bookcase.


Then you start making notes in the space.


Then you change them.


Then you change them again.


THEN you get to work!  First we start with the first upright.IMG_3458

Then some cleats.


Then finally you can install actual shelves!

And that’s as far as we have gotten, but you will be updated as soon as there is more to report.  Which may be a few days, as it seems that Nick’s foot is suffering a small cut that got infected and has taken him out of commission for the time being.  Ah well, he will be back in the saddle before long!  Stay tuned.


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