The Countdown

At some point during our wild and crazy journey of renovation, we started counting. All the various materials, situations, catastrophes, and emotional breakdowns that we experienced during our renovation so far. We thought it might be a good idea to create an index of all of these figures. With any luck, for your enjoyment and awe.

This list could also be categorized with the other posts that will hopefully convince you to think very carefully before you attempt to do something as insane as this (see here and here).

Here we go.

For your pleasure, I’ll encourage you to listen to this song while you read.

bey countdown

Beyonce makes everything better.

The Countdown

Months of renovation: 5

Average hours worked per day: 14

Days off between August 1 and present: 1.5

Kitchens built: 2

Bathrooms built: 2

Sheets of drywall: 40

Paint colours sampled: 19

Tonnes of bowling alley floor harvested for countertops: 3

Full garbage bags: 117

Gallons of paint: 14

Roof leaks: 1

Hours spent arguing with city to salvage crown molding: 12

Trees felled: 4

Chimneys demolished: 1

Small floods: 2

Percentage over project budget: 20

Layers of kitchen floor torn out: 6

Studs: 160

Pounds of insulation blown into the upstairs ceiling: 480

Pairs of Carhartts ruined: 1

Hammers lost: 2

Dollars earned from salvaged pipes: $275

Failed inspections: 2

Panic attacks: 5

Cars sacrificed: 1

Social engagements missed: 28

Weeks our major appliances spent living outdoors: 6


Major appliances proven to be rain-proof: 6

Number of outdoor tests conducted on major appliances: 1

Fuses blown: 18

Feet of trim salvaged and repurposed: 42

Relationships destroyed: 0

Attempts at making a mortar bed by hand: 3

Pounds of dust inhaled and subsequently coughed up: 1.2

Percentage of interior walls replaced: 18

Giant closets built: 2

Square feet of new flooring installed: 345

Bottles of “sports drink” consumed: 223

Bottles of celebratory champagne consumed: 6

Bottles of coping beer consumed: 317

Times we’ve said “we’re crazy”: 87

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