The Anti-Fridge

Okay, its true, we posted a few days ago in high praise of the fridge. But today, we have come across this rather interesting idea of keeping your food OUT of the fridge. Not ALL food mind you, a lot of food benefits from the fridge, but a lot of our foods are suffering in there! Tomatoes and zucchinis both fair quite poorly in there and eggs don’t even NEED to be in the fridge at all. This was all common knowledge before the fridge took up its ubiquitous position in the centre of our kitchens.

Designer Jihyun Ryou

Designer Jihyun Ryou

Having realized this, a young woman named Jihyun Ryou, a Korean born designer working in Amsterdam, went about creating stylish domestic objects to not only help highlight alternative and methods of food storage, but also to present our precious food with the reverence it deserves.





The first of which is the apple and potato storage/display. You see, the apples shed ethylene as they ripen. This ethylene gas actually suppresses the sprouting and this premature spoiling of the potatoes beneath. But the potatoes need darkness to be happy as well, hence why they get their own little hidey hole.

bury your roots

bury your roots

The interesting thing about root vegetables, is that they REALLY like to be upright. Hard to do in a fridge. But here, what you can do is bury them in the sand, where they not only stay upright, but they stay seperate from one another – thus avoiding the rotten-apple-whole-barrel problem – but the sand is able to keep a constant humidity by way of the glass funnel. Essentially exactly how root veggies want to be stored.

Warm and happy eggs

Warm and happy eggs

Eggs spoil faster when not in the fridge. True. But we are talking about the difference between 6 weeks and 4 weeks here. When is the last time you had eggs last more than a month?

Eggs want to be at room temperature for pretty much all kitchen applications. Eggs are very porous and will absorb all the sharp flavours that they get sealed in the fridge with. Eggs are gorgeous. For these reasons this is my favourite of Miss Ryou’s creations. An elegant display, as well as an egg freshness tester all in one!

Now, I will admit, this is a little off the mark for an interior design blog. BUT, it is exactly in the spirit of something we feel passionate about. And that is deeper design. Going well beyond what is trendy, what is now, what is cool, and really try to get to the heart of how we live, how our clients live. Its about seeking out the value of older wisdoms. It is about a contemporary presentation of a deeper historical understanding. It is science. It is art. It is a celebration of living!

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