Seabright House: A Facelift

There is a beautiful house in Seabright.  Just off the beaten path, and next to the oceanfront beach. It is quiet, it is spacious, and it is charming.  Sadly, for its current owner, it is no longer what they need, so they have opted to list it.  The realtor advised some lipstick and mascara for the property before it was brought to the ball.

Lets start with the front door, shall we?

IMG_3607 IMG_3609

Didn’t get photos of it before the work started, but suffice it to say, it had been painted so many times, that it just needed a total reboot.  So we took it off, and stripped it down.  Then 5 coats of the most beautiful barn door red we could find brought it amazingly back to life!


And now the sexy pop of red not only invites you in, but it also sings with the deep ochre roof shingles.  Gotta harmonize!


Speaking of doors, here is what the side door looked like at first.  Adequate, sure, but lets be serious…


Red is where it is AT!


Now we enter the front hall.  And we are greeted by what I THINK are great stairs.  It is hard to say, because they get completely lost in this rather dull “ken doll pink”.  *shudder*  Lets bring in some contrast shall we?


Now THOSE are stairs!


Just off the stairs we have the bathroom.  Dull white walls, grey trim?  Embarrassing vanity already mercifully removed, and floor lino tiles that so very desperately want to die.  Poor guys.  Well THIS, will just not do.  Lets get just a LITTLE bit of drama in here.


Grey walls, white trim.  They way good taste would dictate.  A new floor, delicious new vanity, and a shiny new light fixture bring this room RIGHT back to life.

Also, check out how freakin’ sweet the new super-wide-angle adapter for the iPhone is!!


Further down the hall, we have the “den”.  Amazingly ugly green carpet has already been lifted by the client, which just leaves the faux parquet floors and cream coloured walls to make me wrestle the urget to set it all ablaze.  Winning said battle we opt for the same dramatic grey in the bathroom, and a long overdue flooring upgrade.


BAM!  Now thats a happy den.

Lets move upstairs shall we?


 Remember the stairs we saw a minute ago?  Well at the top of them we are faced with a continuation of the “ken doll pink” theme in all the trim – because heaven forbid you should ever NOTICE your trim, and, depressingly, institutional grey floors.  Leaves one wanting a little.


 White trim and deep burl floors?  Yes.  THAT is what we want.  Also note the glass panelled door at the end of the hall letting in a lot of south facing light into this cozy little hallway.


 At one point this room was purple.  Like barney purple.  Like cartoon purple.  Like “lost a bet” purple.  And since, someone sort of tried to paint it white, but clearly ran out of conviction.  The floors?  Same problem as in the hall a moment ago.  Again, we can do MUCH better here.


Rich burl floors and deep caramel walls.  This room actually looks good enough to EAT!  Om nom nom nom.


Two very sad words : mint trim.  :(


Mint trim is BANISHED!  Replaced with an amazingly rich “Ganache” colour.  Wait, caramel?  Ganache?  Did we inadvertently make a gingerbread house?

And there you have it! The house is nearly ready to go on the market and become someone else’s beautiful new home!

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