Rude Kitten is Nick Rudnicki and Claire Leger.


Rude Kitten’s work has been featured on popular design blog Design*Sponge, East Coast Living Magazine, and The Coast Homes Guide.

With studies in fine art and design, both are artists at heart. Nick studied fine art, dabbling in painting, graphic design, animation, and worked for years as a commercial photographer before moving on to the fields of renovation and project management. Claire studied theatre and music, and in addition to specializing in interiors, she works as a director and choreographer for choirs and theatre productions. Both are completely obsessed with making spaces look drop-dead gorgeous. This has translated to their self-taught love of design.

We’re compelled by history. Living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we’re surrounded by 100 + year old brick buildings, narrow streets, and curious little houses on every corner. We want to hold onto and restore all the little details that make our city historic and unique, while creating spaces that are functional and comfy to live and work in. It’s that balance of the character of the building and the personal texture of the client that makes a space perfect.

Your space should make you feel happy when you’re in it. So happy that you want to have dance parties all day long. That’s where we come in.