Let me tell you a story.  This is the story of a cute little condo in the north end of Halifax.  As most condos do, it had an mudroom.  A place to arrive and finally be at home.  A place to kick off the days boots and stresses.

Sadly, this particular mudroom was grossly lacking in any of the trappings of coziness and home.  This is where we swooped in.  After sitting down with the mudroom owner, and getting a bead on their taste and style, we swung into action!

Firstly we needed to satisfy the obvious issue of storage.  A place to hang your coat, a place for your shoes, perhaps some storage for seasonals?  Great.

Secondly, there needs to be some happier lighting.  As the defacto condo wall sconce was simply not doing anyone any favour at all!

Lastly, but most importantly, it needed to feel right.  The owner wanted to get a feel that was a little bit rustic farmhouse texture, a little bit modern clean line, and definitely an overall harmony.


Which ultimately resulted in this little gem:


Sourced some great hardware to really help give the space some personality and character.  Whats more, we made sure to salvage and reclaim all of the wood to bring in the texture, the history and the succulence that we wanted.


An overhead storage shelf give plenty of out of sight storage for the various seasonal knick-nacks.


Some more delicious hardware.


This custom made bench created a perfect little sitting area.  _MG_5139

And adjacent to that was the built in shoe racks.  Painted to match the walls so that they could discretely blend in and not draw too much attention to the often wet and/or muddy shoes.


_MG_5120Our favourite little surprise with the job was this amazing little key shelf.  We made this one out of a single log of driftwood which was cut at right angles to create a wonderfully whimsical key shelf.


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