Introducing…Our New House and the Biggest Project Ever

The past week has been intense, to say the least. Last Wednesday we closed on our first home, which, as other homeowners will surely agree, is 1) thrilling, 2) terrifying, and 3) expensive. Putting aside the scary amounts of responsibility and debt that we are now beholden to, we can now finally get started on what is our biggest project to date: the  upgrade and renovation of nearly all of a four bedroom house (yeah, I just got a little nauseous too).

The house we bought is located in central Halifax, and is a beautiful, 90 year old home. Well, it was beautiful at one point. It has beautiful BONES. Like the stunning front room and dining space with giant glass doors leading to the back deck…

living 5

living 7

living 1

living 4

But, sadly, most of the house has not been maintained over the years and its age is showing. Girl needs some night cream.


kitchen 1

Most awkward kitchen layout ever.

kitchen 2

bed 3

bed 1

There are definitely amazing features we love – the trim (in desperate need of painting), the bay windows, the cast iron radiators (YUMMY!!!), the original floors (though they badly need refinishing).

But there are definitely some ugly things that can only be fixed by ripping out and replacing…

bath 1

bath 2

Like this entire bathroom.

bed 5

laundry 2

And this…situation…

half bath

We have major plans. MAJOR.

One of our goals is to restore all the beautiful original features of the house while fixing all the elements that desperately need to be upgraded. We’ll be releasing more details of our plans as we go along, so stay tuned for our Monday morning updates on our progress. We’ll also be updating our Twitter and Instagram with all the fun things we encounter and design decisions, so connect with us there for more real time updates.

We had a “Closing Night Party” to warm the house with all of our friends and family. Thank you to all of those people who have supported us and will continue to support us as we take on this crazy new project. Let the adventure begin!!!!

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