Front Step Facelift

This week we’ve been doing some big updates on our upstairs apartment and the long journey it took to get there. Not only has the interior of the house seen some major work, but we’ve also a pretty significant makeover to the front of the house too. It’s been in various states of finished over the last several months, and I feel sorry for our mail delivery person who has had to clamber over weird rocks, journey up unsteady steps, and search for a mailbox that sometimes was MIA. But, we always got the mail, so they are really living up to their reputation.

Let’s walk through the stages of crazy.

Stage 1: What the front of our house looked like when we bought the place:


So as you can see, pretty basic. Little front step, door, window, lilac tree.

The problem was that we needed to make an entrance for the upstairs apartment. And here’s what it looked like on the other side of the door:

hall 1

So as you can see, the doorway lined up with the hallway, not the stairs, and in front of the window there was this little very awkward sized closet. If we wanted to make a straightforward entrance to the apartment (so you could carry a couch upstairs, for example), we had to make other plans.

Stage 2: Demolition. We called our awesome friend Neal and he destroyed the front of our house:


Seriously, somehow the mail person delivered the mail even though it was clearly unsafe to do so.

Stage 3: The rebuild begins! Nick installs pretty huge sonotubes into the stone in front of our house (that was a fun day…..) and starts to build the deck platform.


You’ll also notice that the door has been taken out and boarded over. It stayed like that for a good chunk of time. I’m sure our neighbours loved how classy that looked.

Oh yes, also the lilac tree had to be sacrificed. RIP.

Stage 4: Front entry has the basics completed.


We’ve got steps, a platform, and it doesn’t lead anywhere. #renolife

Stage 5: Move the door over.


So you can see from this photo that to make a nice and tidy entryway from the front door up the stairs, we had to move the door over. You know, no big deal.

Stage 6: Re-shingle the front of the house and finish the railings on the front step.


I came home one day and Nick had finished the front step while I was out. It was a pretty great feeling to see the railing finally looking rather finished. It looks like a real house now!!!

Stage 7: Finishing touches.


We got these really sexy house numbers. Soooo sexy. All sleek and pretty and shiny. In the stage 6 photo you can also see the cute little porch light Nick put in. It feels kind of vintagey and cute!

There are still a couple more little details to do out front (paint the shingles, install two new mailboxes), and then we can put a little bow on that project. I’m already looking forward to next spring when I can do a bit of landscaping and tidy up the plants out front and maybe put window boxes on the front bay window!! Definitely an upgrade to see the front of the house get a bit of a facelift!

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