Front Step Demo & Rebuild!

When we started this whole thing we set out a schedule for the renovations. The upstairs apartment would get finished by September, everything would go perfectly smoothly, etc. Now, we knew this was really a “guideline” more than a strict schedule. Nick has another renovation project he’s been working on for a client, we’ve done a bit of travelling, and many of our friends recently got married and so we’ve been celebrating a lot. All of which are great things, but have taken us away from the looming deadline. So, we’ve revamped and set October 1 as our new goal. There, I’ve written it down. Makes it seem more official.

We were scrambling to get tons of work done in mid-July before we left for two weeks of sweet, sweet European vacay (more on that later). That meant that we (and when I say we, I mean Nick, because I am terrible at manual labour), were going gangbusters on the house to tie up loose ends before we left.

One of those projects has included altering the front of the house. You can see what the door and front step looked like before in this adorbs picture:


 These steps were perfectly functional, but they and the door were in the wrong position to be the entryway for the upstairs flat. And then upon further investigation, we discovered that the steps actually jutted out onto the street two feet past our property line. So, a few weeks ago while we were out, our friend Neal came over and tore down our front steps. Whatta guy.


Somehow, our mail was still being delivered even though it was nearly impossible to access the box. Way to go Canada Post.

Anyway so then Nick tore out the front door, leaving a plywood panel in its place. The hallmark of a house under construction. He then set out to build new steps which involved cutting down our possibly diseased lilac tree, breaking up large sections of concrete, digging some stupidly deep holes in the ground, filling them with concrete, sweating out every drop of water in his body on an incredibly hot afternoon, and building this (!):


What a beaut! Now the railings just have to be finished, a bit of clean up needs to happen, the front door needs to be moved and the plywood section shingled and painted, and then we’ll have a halfway respectable looking front of the house!

Any progress is good progress, right?

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