Blue + White + Pretty

It feels like forever since we’ve talked. Well, it kind of has been. I’ve been travelling in British Columbia all week with this amazing ensemble, and have been away from the house AND the blog! But there is so much to tell. So, so much!

When we last left off, our new bedroom was not only liveable, but also rather pretty! I’ve been missing it desperately all week as I’ve been away on tour. That room truly is starting to feel like home! When I wake up in the morning there’s beautiful light shimmering in the windows, and it feels so elegant and cozy. Heaven!!!

Nick also painted the downstairs living room this stunning colour:


It’s Stiffkey Blue, one of the nine new colours released this year by the paint colour magicians at Farrow & Ball. It looks gorgeous in the daylight coming through the big glass double doors, and in the evening it looks mega cozy lit with lamps. Obviously we only use vintage bulbs. It is the only way. We reduce our carbon footprint in other ways. Lighting is too important and the environmentally friendly CFL technology has not progressed to the point where the light is nearly as yummy. The environmentalist in me is kind of embarrassed to admit that. Let this be a challenge to the lightbulb companies to advance their products so they are good for the environment AND beautiful!!!!

Rant over.

Also, we finally were able to peel the blue film off the downstairs kitchen cabinets, and last week we moved our whole kitchen downstairs!


It’s pretty stunning in there. There’s so much light throughout the whole day, and the under-cabinet lights work perfectly to illuminate the counters. And yes, those are reclaimed bowling alley countertops.

See the little space between the upper cabinets? It’s a product of the super weird angled wall in that room. We were able to make the angle a little less severe by moving some walls around, but we’re still left with a bit of a weird corner. However, we have decided to make a beautiful wine rack in that space. So really, not so bad.

This week while I’ve been away, Nick has been going all out on the house – partition wall, upstairs bathroom fixtures, prepping and painting. I have a feeling when I get home on Sunday morning I’m going to be completely blown away. I promise to update with a detailed account of every part of the house where I squealed with joy.

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