Big Reveal: Upstairs Bathroom!

This is a pretty big post. A major reveal. Something I kind of never thought would be possible, but it’s actually happening.

The upstairs bathroom is finished.

Say whaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!

If you’ve been following our blog regularly, you’ll know that the upstairs bathroom was potentially one of the grossest, weirdest, least maintained rooms of all time. It had four different kinds of wainscotting put in over the years, a baby blue tub with fake blue marble shower surround, a ceiling fan that didn’t work and looked like it was trying to eat you, and nasty linoleum flooring. Here’s a couple visuals:

bath 2

bath 1

It was a difficult few months of showering in that space.

But now, thanks to the magic of Nick’s incredible willpower, we have what I think is a totally stunning bathroom. It’s cozy for sure, but definitely going to be a treat to shower in there every day….are you ready???

I don’t think you’re ready.

Seriously, get ready.

bathroom 01

bathroom 02

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right!!!!!!! #winning!!!!

It feels intimate because of the stacked washer dryer, but I’ll take a cozy bathroom over not having an ensuite laundry system any day. The lighting is very warm and lovely, the green is deep and rich, and the white fixtures and trim keep the space looking elegant. I also love the warm brown flooring (slightly dirty in that first pic, sorry!).

The only thing left to do is paint that radiator a fresh white. Otherwise, the room is nearly ready.

This room feels like a huge accomplishment. It has been a slog to get there, but it is now a gorgeous space.


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