A Peek into our New Downstairs Bedroom!

Hello, Monday! You are looking mighty fine.

Wanting to start off by saying thank you to everyone who read our 30 Days of Reno blog series. It is such a joy to be able to share our adventures with y’all, and we so appreciate your support!!! I’ve gotten the sense that maybe some readers are thinking our reno is now done….sigh, nothing could be further from the truth. But we made some amazing progress in 30 days and we are charging headfirst to get everything finished. I’ll keep blogging regularly, just maybe not every day…We’ll see!

Last Thursday was Day 30 of my daily blogging commitment, and here’s what I woke up to on Friday morning:



I obviously can’t.

OMG it is so beautiful. I’m loving the grey in there, and the amount of light that gets in is so lovely.

At that point we were still sleeping upstairs in the awful mauve room. I took the weekend off from blogging about the reno, but the BIG NEWS is that on Friday, we moved our bedroom downstairs! Into what will be our beautiful bedroom in our downstairs apartment. We went curtain shopping since our flat is on the ground floor and our room looks out onto the street. Heyyyyy neighbours.


So although the curtains cover up some of the window trim, I think they’ll look lovely once we’ve got proper fixtures to hold back the curtains so they drape nicely.

Also, finding curtains for bay windows is hella hard. Especially in Halifax because every other older house has one, you’d think the stores would stock stuff. But no. We originally wanted to put cellular blinds in the bay window so that the trim would still be really visible, but those tiny side windows were too small for conventional shades (16″). We would have to have custom ones made and friends, lemme tell you, that ish is expensive. We priced it out and decided curtains were a much better compromise. FYI you can buy connectors that will attach three separate rods together to make one long one.

Anyway, here’s a peek into the rest of the room:


Omg I still kind of can’t handle putting pictures of my messy bedroom on the internets. That’s the view from what will be our luxe closet into the bedroom.

But seriously, it is really starting to happen! So exciting. Once we get the details dealt with and the closet built, it’s going to look so much more beautiful. Can’t wait!

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