Stage 2: Upstairs Kitchen (Now With More Floor!)

As the days roll on here at the construction site we call home, it’s immensely exciting to see some really tangible progress. In the first several weeks of homeownership, we got a lot done, but it was the more “invisible” stuff. Running new plumbing and electrical, tearing out some small useless walls, and generally getting a LOT of dust everywhere.

But over the past week Nick has made some HUGE strides and our upstairs kitchen is starting to look like, well, a kitchen! It’s partially thanks to this kick-ass To Do list that Nick has installed in our upstairs hallway to keep us on track:


Now, if you remember where we left off with our last post, the upstairs kitchen was basically a gaping hole:


Nick became very adept at dancing on the top of those floor joists. A real ballerina, that one.


Oh my GOD isn’t he so cute?!?! I can’t handle it. Anyway.

Once the inspector had come by and signed off on our plumbing and electrical work, we were ready to take things to the next level. In order to comply with sound barrier regulations, Nick filled the floor with sound insulation and then installed a new subfloor. This was a very, very satisfying day.

Then, it was super easy for him to install this gorgeous engineered hardwood bamboo flooring. We went with the more natural colour so there’d be some continuity between these floors and the existing softwood in the hallway upstairs.


Please excuse that black shadow across the picture. My iPhone had an unfortunate run-in with some concrete while on vacay and the camera seems to have suffered some lingering injuries.

Then our friend Doctor Ben came over and helped Nick install the new kitchen cabinets! We decided to go with white shaker-style cabinets – classic, simple, and clean. I think they are going to look stunning with the bamboo floors and the reclaimed bowling alley countertop (more on that soon!).


As you can see, we sort of have a bit of a kitchen. Maybe. But that is a LOT more kitchen than we had last week so that’s a big win for us.

So there you have it! From “gaping hole of a room” to “almost kitchen” in a week! It’s going to be very satisfying to get this room done and then move on to the next!

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