30 Days of Reno | Day 30: Reflections

Here we are. Day 30. When I started this commitment to daily blogging 30 days ago, the end goal seemed pretty far away. But all of a sudden…it’s here! I think it’s only appropriate to look back and see how far we’ve come. And also, some reflections on all that I’ve learned in these last 30 days.


One of the first rooms to look close to finished, the downstairs bathroom is practically done. All that’s left is to paint the ceiling and trim, and repaint the sections of the wall that had to be drywalled. We also have to do a few finishing touches, like putting in the face panels for the switches and plugs, and actually frosting the little window which looks into our neighbour’s house…Plus we’ll add some towel storage shelves over the toilet, and install the radiator back in there to keep it toasty warm.

I think this room made me start believing that this renovation was actually possible. It had been a pretty brutal month beforehand (see this post for details), with a lot of demolition. The fact that we were able to see progress like new flooring, fixtures, and paint colour, was huge. And being able to shower in that gorgeous shower stall after a long day has been the absolute best. Our water bill is going to be expensive for the last couple of months considering how long I stayed in there enjoying the beauty of our shower.

So worth it.

I think we really need a before and after on the upstairs bathroom right about now:


bath 2

bath 1

Here’s a little peek into the room now:


This bathroom is a pretty stunning achievement as far as I’m concerned. It is still a long way from being finished, but the new shower stall and the paint colour make the room look SO good. Not to mention ensuite washer dryer! Every time we walk in there we fall in love with that deep green a little more. I think this bathroom is pretty symbolic of the amount of patience I’ve cultivated over the course of this reno. Having to be in that very gross bathroom with the blue tub for so long was definitely no fun, but after awhile it didn’t bother me and I just got used to it. The massive scope of this renovation has made me put things in perspective and realize that it’s important to be patient. Keeping a positive attitude about things is the only way to make it through the tough times on the way to good times. Such in life, and in reno.

The upstairs kitchen:


The upstairs kitchen was mostly done when we started the 30 days of reno, but since I’ve painted the walls and it’s looking a lot fresher. The unfortunate part though is that I think we may repaint. Once we painted the little red room, it was clear that the house craved historic colours. Colours that really brought out its heritage and sense of history. Our initial plan of two grey walls and two white walls just seems a little too “modern” in this room. So I think we’ll paint it again, maybe all grey. Not sure yet. But other than that it’s nearly ready to go, just ceilings, trim, and the pantry closet left!

The sense of wanting to do things well has become so important to us over the last few months. Admitting when you make a mistake is really hard. But the ability to do it, and then be willing to fix it (or have someone fix it for you, in our case of  messed up plumbing), is pretty important. Taking the time to do it right is always important.

Hey, so here’s our bedroom:


Yeah, it’s beautiful grey. Sigh….that glowing orb is Nick’s work light. And the gorgeous floors are covered up with brown kraft paper to keep it protected. Here’s another shot of the grey:


Yum yum yum!!!!!! We are moving downstairs tomorrow. Tomorrow. TOMORROW!!!!!!! So excited!!!!!!!!! It’s these kinds of amazing payoffs that make all the hard work worth it. It is starting to become clear that it is actually a matter of weeks, not months, before this renovation is finished. And that is such a good feeling!!!

Here’s our living room…soon to be painted:


That’s Nick on the floor, texting. Rest is important, people. I think over the last month or so we’ve realized how important it is to take at least one night off a week and do fun social things. We have had a couple of great dates over the past few weeks, and tried not to discuss the renovation when we’re out together. Obvs we can’t help it sometimes, because we’re obsessed, but we’re getting better at it!

Moving on…here’s our new kitchen downstairs:


The simple fact of the matter is that 30 days ago, this room had no floor, walls, or ceiling. And today it has cabinets, a countertop, and appliances in place. WINNING!!!!! So amazing to see this huge amount of progress. There’s new floor there too, and soon the walls will be painted and it’ll look fabulous. Any ideas for paint colours…? The jury is still out for us…

I can’t wait to cook in this kitchen. Those of you who have shared a meal with Nick and I will know that food is in fact one of the most important things to us. We love cooking, we love sharing food with friends. And having a beautiful, warm kitchen to do that in is an incredible end goal for us. It will make every single day and every single meal feel like we’re truly at home. Because it has been literally blood, sweat, and tears that has built it, and it will be ours.

Ok just had to reach for the Kleenex.

One more thing – I love writing this blog. I love all of you who read it, who tell me that you’ve been following along, and are cheering us from the sidelines. Thank you!!! You’ve made this experience so much more fun and friendly. It can be isolating spending 15 hours a day in your house, thinking about your house, working on your house, talking about your house. Having friends to share the journey with – the best.

So now it’s Day 30. I think I’m going to take the weekend off from blogging.

See ya Monday?

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