30 Days of Reno | Day 29: Little Green Bathroom

Thank you to everyone for your support and celebration of our new shiny floors!!!!! It really made us feel like we had a whole cheerleading section out there which is a pretty amazing feeling when you’re in the midst of all this craziness.

Day by day, our house is getting more beautiful. It’s so exciting to see it really start to take shape and to actually get a sense of what it will be like to live here when the house is done. As opposed to living in it right now, which is like some form of twisted self-punishment.

Nick’s been doing lots of the finicky detail work to get the place really looking amazing. One of those is prepping all the trim. There’s a LOT of trim in this house. A lot. Like, a lot.

As I mentioned in a previous post, there is possibly a strong correlation between taking care of your trim and being a good landlord. So, when it came time to make the archway between the downstairs living room and kitchen look good, Nick made sure to salvage as much trim as possible and repurpose it. Here’s the view from the living room into the kitchen:


And from the kitchen into the living room:


That’s Nick’s cute butt in that photo above. Hee hee.

Looking good! The archway somehow looks even bigger now with the trim added.

Also, he’s been prepping the upstairs bathroom for beautification and as a result it’s now a gorgeous green! Shall we reflect on what it looked like before?

bath 2

Ok here’s now:


And another part of the room where you can really drink in all that green:


Yay yay yay!!!!!!!

And now a selfie of me against the green walls:


Almost too good to be true!

Seeing beautiful colour go up in that little demon room was pretty amazing. It’s going to be an incredible little spot once we’re all finished!

The rest of the week should involve prepping the downstairs to be able to move all our stuff down there!!!!!! Then on Saturday the plan is to drill a bunch of holes in the upstairs ceiling and blow in more insulation. Then we can finish the ceilings and tackle the rest of the upstairs!

We’re so so close!!! And tomorrow is our last day of our #30DaysofReno. Kind of strange to imagine not updating the world with my most intimate details every day.

Who am I kidding, I’ll still blog all the time. Just I won’t feel guilty if I take a day off!

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