30 Days of Reno | Day 27: 99 Problems (Part 3)

Here we are. At the last of our renovation-related problems (yeah right). It’s been real.

Sorry Jay, but every time I go home there’s a mountain of sawdust to greet me instead of Beyonce. You can understand why I’m bitter.

1. Looking at your life and looking at your choices.

2. Having to install undesirable bulkheads because the city says so.

3. You put down a brand new floor and don’t even get to look at it before it’s covered in protective cardboard.

4. On certain occasions, having no choice but to trust the Home Depot staff.

5. Somehow not being surprised that you’ve lost a hammer.

6. The fear that all the beauty you’ve created will be destroyed by tenants.

7. Scratches that draw blood become only a minor consideration.

8. Eating over the sink becomes a necessity.

9. Trying to remember what a weekend is.

10. 12 packs of Gatorade don’t last more than two days.

11. Not even 8 GBS of music is a long enough playlist to get you through the work week.

12. …there’s such a thing as not working…?

13. Finding the perfect “neutral” colour.

14. Realizing you’re that couple at the paint store arguing over seven different shades of “white”

15. Cutting bowling alley floor.

16. You can’t pee because all the downstairs floors are being varnished, thus blocking the only way to the bathroom.

17. Seeing the guy at the tool rental place more than you see your significant other.

18. Secretly hoping your car would break down to force you to take time off.

19. Sobey’s deli counter becoming an acceptable lunch option.

20. Suddenly, storing appliances outside seems like a great idea.

21. The subsequent mountains of laundry.

22. Having a toilet on your back deck doesn’t faze you anymore.

23. Less of a backyard, and more of a junkyard…

24. Looking at your budget.

25. Your closest friend is your mudder.

26. Your arms are vibrating all night from industrial sanding all day.

27. Chaos is the new normal.

28. Getting rained on by razor sharp insulation.

29. Having to wear a respirator all day.

30. Repainting a room because you painted it before the ceiling went in.

31. Hanging drywall around crown moulding.

32. Schedules.

33. Realizing how insane you were to take on a renovation of this scale, but then realizing you’d do it again in a heartbeat.

(99 Problems Part 1 and Part 2)

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