30 Days of Reno | Day 24: Treats

It’s amazing how fast things are moving now that we’re at this stage of the renovation. It is so gratifying to see big, tangible change every day! If you, our dear readers, are ever crazy enough to take on a renovation of this scale while living in it (very admirable if you’re still willing to do this after reading our blog), then here is some friendly advice:

You need treats.

Some of you may know that treats are one of my favourite things. My mum used that word a lot growing up…”I brought you a treat from the bakery” or “We’ll go out later and get a treat”. Then my small redheaded freckled self would get so excited – what could the treat be?????? While I do have an inordinate love of sweets and baked goods, the best part about a treat is that it isn’t always yummy food. It could be a little present, or some kind of experience, like going to the movies or the beach. These days the kinds of treats that get me super excited are nice wine and flowers (*cough*housewarming*cough*  #kiddingnotkidding).

Treats in the context of a house renovation, though, are a whole different story. Yes, sometimes you need to go get some nice wine or some cupcakes to enjoy after either a big win or a crushing defeat. But for us, treats are the emotional boosts that get you through the hard days.

For example, our delicious bathroom downstairs:


We painted the room prematurely, while the ceiling was still open and had to be drywalled. So yes, now there are large white drywall patches throughout much of the room, and we’ll have to touch up/repaint a lot of it. But who cares! At that time in the reno, when that room was basically a shell and the rest of the downstairs had insulation falling out of it because there were no ceilings – we needed a treat. And gorgeous, warm walls was the solution. It was worth having to do some repainting later to be able to step in to the room and feel like it was almost complete. It was motivation for all the other rooms to come (8 more of them actually, to put it in perspective).

So these tangible treats are super important. And luckily, the renovation is taking course at the moment to actually be full of them.

Behold, our downstairs kitchen:


How incredible is that!!!!! The cabinets still have their blue sticker protection things on them, although I actually am starting to warm to the idea of bright blue cabinets….And Nick did a rough cut of the butcher block countertop yesterday and laid it on there last night. So you can really get a sense of how the kitchen is going to come together. So much storage!!!!

Also, remember how we were deliberating between bedroom colours. We tried two more:


And ding! ding! ding! ding! ding! We have a winner!!!! Furthest to the left. It’s “Charleston Grey” from Farrow & Ball. And oh my goodness gracious it is warm and delicious. One look, and I knew it was right!

Sure we won’t be able to paint for another several days, but still. We know what it’s going to look like and that’s amazing.

Cabinets, countertops, paint. Treats, people.

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