30 Days of Reno | Day 23: Kitchen Cabinets!!!

Big progress. Big!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here was the downstairs kitchen yesterday morning:


Here it is this morning:

Processed with VSCOcam

OH YES!!!!! So exciting!!!!! Things are seriously happening. Although the cabinets still don’t have doors, you can tell that they will be so lovely! They’re Ikea cabinets, and the doors have a gloss white finish.

Side note, did you know that when cabinets are in this stage (ie the boxes without the doors), they’re called carcasses? Seriously. Ewwww!

Nick spent yesterday assembling and he’ll continue to tackle it today. Then it’ll be time to start working on the countertops. We’re trying the same crazy thing we did before – reclaimed bowling alley countertops! Though if you look at the footprint of these cabinets, it’s going to be a much harder challenge to fit all of the pieces together because of the weird corner. We’ll keep you updated on those adventures.

On another note, the journey to choose the bedroom colour continues. We tried three new colours yesterday and don’t like any of them:


All lovely colours, but not right for our bedroom. They all lived on the green/blue spectrum far too much. We’ll try another two today. Nick says that our limit is seven colours to try and then we have to pick one. Fingers crossed that we find one we like soon!

Today’s our mudder’s last day. He’s giving the walls what he calls “The Hollywood Treatment”. It’s the last sand and finish. And then the walls will basically be ready for painting! Yeah!!!!!!

If we can pick a colour.

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