30 Days of Reno | Day 22: New Floor! Paint Colours!

Things are starting to get FUN!!!! around here! We’ve been slogging through all the intensely necessary, useful, and boring stuff for so long. And now we’re finally getting to make plans for my favourite part…the PRETTY stuff!!!!!!

Our mudder is almost finished work downstairs, and is now to the point that Nick was able to lay down new flooring in the kitchen! In case you forgot, he discovered that the kitchen had SEVEN layers of flooring. He ripped up five of them, leaving the original subfloor with some nasty vinyl tile on top. The tile was glued down in such a way that it would have made it a bit of an unnecessary nightmare to rip it up. So, we put in this beautiful new flooring on top:


The cardboard is there so that our mudder can do some finishing work on the walls and not scratch it up. Plus we don’t want to give it all away at once!!!! Anyway this is a lovely light finish that will flow nicely from the original maple floors in our new living room and bedroom.

The other exciting thing that’s been happening is paint colour selection. We’re finally at a point where we can start discussing colours for our downstairs apartment, and picking out the rest of the colours for the upstairs.

Our biggest tip for anyone who is considering paint colours is to buy the sample pots and paint swatches on the wall. Look at them for a couple of days, consider them in different types of lighting, and then make your choice. We can’t stress enough how important this is. Otherwise you run the risk of picking a colour, buying a gallon, painting the whole room, and then hating the colour….Worst.

So here’s what we’re thinking.

Our downstairs living room gets a lot of light and there’s not actually a ton of wall space because there’s lots of doorways and windows. We have barely any furniture, only a medium grey couch. So we’ve decided to go with this delicious blue from Farrow & Ball called Stiffkey Blue:


YUM YUM YUM!!!!! It looks great against white trim, although that is going to be repainted a more muted white.

We also are happy with the colour we’re going with for the upstairs bathroom, Green Smoke.


It’s dark and yummy that will look great against the classic white tile.

On the other hand, we’re not happy with the first colour we selected for our bedroom downstairs. It looked a little too green once we got it up on the walls:


We’re trying out something a little warmer with less green today. And THIS is why you paint swatches on the walls.

Now that we’re finally in the fun colour part of renovation (though there are still a MILLION other things to do), I feel optimistic and hopeful about things!!!! Colour makes a world of difference!

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